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Title Speaker Date
Holy Innocents Fr. Krug 2014-12-28
Christmas Fr. Baumberger 2014-12-25
4th Sunday of Advent Fr. Vietkus 2014-12-21
2nd Sunday of Advent Fr. Newman 2014-12-07
1st Sunday of Advent Fr. Curatolo 2014-11-30
24th Sunday afer Pentecost Fr. Krug 2014-11-23
23rd Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Skierka 2014-11-16
Dedication of Basilica of Our Savior Fr. Curatolo 2014-11-09
21st Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Curatolo 2014-11-02
All Saints Fr. Newman 2014-11-01
Kingship of Christ Fr. Vietkus 2014-10-26
19th Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Carroll 2014-10-19
18th Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Carroll 2014-10-12
Holy Rosary Fr. Curatolo 2014-10-05
16th Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Newman 2014-09-28
St Matthew Fr. Baumberger 2014-09-21
Exaltation of the Holy Cross Fr. Newman 2014-09-14
13th Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Krug 2014-09-07
Fr Krug Ordination Bp Santay 2014-09-03
12th Sunday after Pentecost Bp Santay 2014-08-31
St Bartholmew Fr. Curatolo 2014-08-24
10th Sunday aftet Pentecost Fr. Baumberger 2014-08-17
The Assumption of the BVM Fr. Baumberger 2014-08-15
St Lawrence Fr. Vietkus 2014-08-10
8th Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Carroll 2014-08-03
7th Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Baumberger 2014-07-27
6th Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Carroll 2014-07-20
5th Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Baumberger 2014-07-13
4th Sunday after Pentecost Fr. Newman 2014-07-06
Sts Peter & Paul Fr. Newman 2014-06-29
Sacred Heart Fr. Newman 2014-06-27
Sunday within the Octave Fr. Skierka 2014-06-22
Trinity Sunday Fr. Curatolo 2014-06-15
Pentecost Fr. Vietkus 2014-06-08
Ascension Fr. Newman 2014-05-29
5th Sunday after Easter Fr. Skierka 2014-05-25
4th Sunday after Easter Fr. Newman 2014-05-18
3rd Sunday after Easter Fr. Vietkus 2014-05-11
First Communion Fr. Baumberger 2014-05-10
2nd Sunday after Easter Fr. Curatolo 2014-05-04
Low Sunday Fr. Skierka 2014-04-27
Easter Sunday Fr. Carroll 2014-04-20
Holy Saturday Fr. Vietkus 2014-04-19
Good Friday Fr. Baumberger 2014-04-18
Palm Sunday Fr. Vietkus 2014-04-13
Seven Sorrows of the BVM Fr. Vietkus 2014-04-11
Pasion Sunday Fr. Newman 2014-04-06
Latare Sunday Bp Santay 2014-03-30
3rd Sunday of Lent Fr. Vietkus 2014-03-23
Father forgive them Fr. Vietkus 2014-03-21

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